The Final Hour

Exploring the idea of an online class is always hard to wrap your head around. People always wonder whether or not children will be able to learn from this.

However, experiencing it myself, I actually enjoyed it. Having an online class, I was able to have a more flexible schedule which allowed me to take part in more after school activities. I was able to attend my club events, help fundraise money to make a cause, and also help out on recycling to better the earth.

Discussions online allow those who don’t have a large voice within a classroom to express their ideas without fear. We are able to respond to other students without a barrier and are able to speak up about what we disagree with. Online discussions also open up bigger chances to talk about topics that may be taboo within a classroom, exploring wider concepts and letting our minds grow.

Honestly, people think that learning in an online class (well, it wasn’t completely online) is difficult since the concept isn’t as tangible. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to understand all the work given to us as well as letting us learn the endless possibilities of  new apps that we can express our thoughts through.

To improve future online classes, I believe that it would be a lot better to post assignments ahead of time and have a calendar that allows us to access all the due dates. Sometimes it is hard to accomplish something if it was suddenly posted (and there were some assignments that did not have dates, which were confusing). Overall, it was a great experience allowing me to contribute more to society and furthering my knowledge by going outside instead of staying home to finish homework from a class.


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